Come, let’s sit and talk.


Come, let’s sit and talk. Truth is waiting for us under this star studded sky. Listen to my words, but hear my heart. There is no blame here. Grace is spinning and swirling around our words and our hands. Hear it? Listen.

Listen carefully.

We have walked far together. We have trekked over mountain ranges and we have waded through swamps. Hands clasped and hearts cleaved.

You have been constant.

And often silent.

I know you have been present. I have come to know you as silence as much as I have as Lord.

My battered heart knows silence. And it has come to love the quiet.


My murkiness has often tainted our conversations. I have poured out mirth on your claims of mercy and grace. I have snapped at your unwavering kindness. Perhaps some of your goodness has seeped through?



I have a suggestion for you.

I require so little.

Will you hear me out and consider my simple request?


Here is what I offer you.

I offer my silence in return for yours. I offer you my contentment and my quiet heart in return for yours. Can we just sit, in stillness? I have no need of loud proclamations or fire.

Let’s meet amongst big skies and loud storms, dusty mornings and sweet winds.  Amongst the wind and rain and Spring mornings, this is when your grace and goodness collides with my tainted heart. Just meet me here. That’s all I ask.

It is not so simple is it? Did you hear they slight desperation in my voice? Just meet me here.



And this is when I hear it. The rushing in of your heart. Your delight in chasing my tainted heart over the mountains, again and again. Your voice amidst the howling wind, ‘Mine. You are mine’. In silence and in heart stopping noise –‘You are mine’.



Isla and I went for a walk this morning. It was bitingly cold but the wind was still. I walked and prayed for grace and peace.  For kindness overflowing, all consuming.  For the grace to believe in the simple things, the seen things, and to not search the shadows for the hidden.

Kindness is obvious. It finds its way to us on the words of friends and the activity of humble hands. We recognise kindness for the way it makes us feel and the way it quietens our doubts. It sings its sweet song over us and through us, changing our hearts and our minds.

The greatest kindness I have known has been loud declaration of worth that has marked my life. Kindness has come in the form of Truth.

Kindness calls us to happy dances, silly songs and holding hands.

And so I will continue to pray for the gift of kindness. I pray that I would be kind. I pray that my first response would be kindness and that kindness would overrule cynicism and fear. But mostly, I will pray that kindness would taint my words and my actions, singing its sweet song over all those I encounter.




At church we are working our way through a series called ‘Cultivate’ (which is brilliant, by the way).  Yesterday we were looking at the idea of cultivating promises in our lives and how promises are foundational in all relationships, including the relationship between God and his people. We regularly have a ‘prayer event’ during our services which reflects a particular issue or theme. This is the prayer I wrote/struggled with for 3 days for the prayer on the theme of promises.


God of life, your unflinching promises are our safe place and our certainty.

They twist and turn in and through our lives.

The promise of grace, of life, of light, beauty and clarity surprise us around hidden corners, shed light in the dark places and sing glorious lullaby’s over us.


When all is uncertain and the sky is dark, your promises oh God are solid and unquestionable.


For you oh God, are the great Promise Keeper.

You have chosen to bind yourself to us in covenant and in love.

And there is nothing fickle or feeble about your word or your hands. We can trust you.


Teach us to be like you. To follow your ways. To only speak when we have grace and truth to give, to give our promises with open, gentle hands, acknowledging their great fragility and cost.  Teach us that words have great meaning and power, that they contain all that is life giving and all that is life deceiving in them.


You have blessed us with a life brimming with your promises that never fail and never give up. They see through the sin and circumstance and declare life over us.


We are humbled by your endless song of promise.

We are overflowing with thanks and joy that we are bound to you.

We choose to fill our hands with gratitude and grace and lift them towards you in worship.

We adore you God, the great Promise Keeper.

We choose to honour you and your promises today.