About Cat

A blog?



I am apprehensive to take this ‘blog’ journey, but here I go.

This is where I attempt to write out my thoughts,my questions, my theology, my life.

Life is full. Jammed packed with goodness in the form of a lovely husband, 3 little girls, books, friends, family, church and more books!

I want to reclaim the quiet hours. Reclaim sweet, glittering, holy moments, made up of little girls and words and friends and good food and wine. Writing helps me stop and do that. I write to make space in my head and my heart.

Words are important. They can give tangible form to our hearts and minds. They are the deep healing breath and the sweet smell of Spring.

I am constantly and determinedly attempting to write out and to work out my faith.

I am a reader because…how could I not be! There are so many good words to be devoured.

Want to take this journey with me? I’d like you too!



2 thoughts on “About Cat

    • Thank you! I think writers ‘get it’ – words are more than tools. It really is a journey isn’t it?!

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