Day 31/21 – NT Wright and the senior cousins

31 days

I am still struggling to get over this flu. It has really done me in. So much so that I took myself off to the Dr this morning – a very rare event. She suggested rest. I laughed out loud.

So today I am resorting to one of the greats to walk me through this pursuit of wedded beauty. NT Wright is one who I would happily follow through any theological minefield.  What has rung most true on this journey is this idea that beauty, in it’s pure form of revealing the living God, sits closely and comfortably next to love and truth.   One enhances and echoes the other.  I love that Wright calls truth and love the ‘senior cousins’. Like they are the protective older cousins watching over beauty, ensuring its safety and purpose. And the way that beauty adoringly reflects truth and love, if you have the eyes to it.  This is bursting with holy light and life.

I am starting to sink into this idea.  To wiggle around in it and get comfortable. Trying to find my place and my way. It is good.


…After all, if new creation has begun, if beauty has awoken afresh in the new Temple, the living home of the living God, as he awakens from the tomb, and if beauty is now let loose in all the world, it will rightly generate new forms, new possibilities, new delights. It will come closer and closer to its two senior cousins, Love and Truth, showing with them how to avoid the other false polarization, a brittle objectivity and a collapsing subjectivity, because it will be kept in place by the work of image-bearing, Spirit-filled human beings as they reflect the glory of God into the world and the glory of the world back to God. NT Wright.


I am also excited to delve into some new books and words over the next little while. Books that I am fairly certain that will be beauty-filled and push me further towards life and truth. ‘A Thousand Mornings’ by Mary Oliver, ‘Writing down the bones’ by Natalie Goldberg and ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt. So many good words!


(All the posts from this series can be found here. Thanks for reading along.)


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