Day 31/16-17 – I am choosing

31 days

So I missed yesterday’s post. I am choosing to be ok about it. I’m still not very well and energy is minimal.  I am trying to keep things low key but with 3 kids – who am I kidding?

It is frustrating. For the first time in a long while I feel energised to pursue more writing and I sense God nudging me towards new things. But I don’t have the energy to ‘do’ anything apart from the basics. Having the flu is forcing me to sit with these ideas and lean into more of what God is saying. I am choosing to be ok about that. There is goodness here.

The wind is forcing mighty trees to give up their oldest limbs today. Driving home from school drop off was treacherous.  The sky is thick with clouds.  I love grey days.  They are easy.

And so what am I meant to learn today about beauty and truth?

I think it is this – stop asking questions. Start listening and start looking. There is truth and life to be found in the ordinary.  I can choose this. I can choose to let go of the struggle and the work of this. There is beauty to be found, wedded to glory and goodness, in my lounge room. God chose this. And I am choosing to lean into the ordinary, easy, grey days, and rest amongst the simple things.

The Bible is full of evidence that God’s attention is indeed fixed on the little things. But this is not because God is a great cosmic cop, eager to catch us in minor transgressions, but simply because God loves us–loves us so much that we the divine presence is revealed even in the meaningless workings of daily life. It is in the ordinary, the here-and-now, that God asks us to recognize that the creation is indeed refreshed like dew-laden grass that is “renewed in the morning” or to put it in more personal and also theological terms, “our inner nature is being renewed every day”. Seen in this light, what strikes many modern readers as the ludicrous details in Leviticus involving God in the minutiae of daily life might be revisioned as the very love of God. ”  Kathleen Norris, The Quotidian Mysteries

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