Day 31/14 – The Morning After

31 daysIt’s the morning after.

All last week I was fighting off a cold, I could feel it lurking around me. My simple and short sighted pray had been, ‘Just don’t let me get sick before Sunday morning’. And I didn’t. This horrible cold/flu hit me at 1pm Sunday afternoon. It was an answer to prayer. One I thank God for.

Last week was busy. It was also humbling and a little bit lonely.  I was rostered on to lead our church service on Sunday, something I have not done before. It required more prayer and more planning than I expected (and resulted in an extraordinary respect and appreciation for those who do lead our services).  And a couple of my best friends are away. And even though our random text messages late into the night about Thor have delighted me beyond measure (they really have), I am missing their grace and truth in close proximity. They are my ‘go-to’ people for common sense and tea and laughter.

And now I am curled up on the couch trying to entertain a nearly 3 year old when really I just want to go to bed.  There is a good chance that ‘The Dinosaur Train’ will be on repeat today.


But yesterday.

Yesterday the church, in our cold and badly lit grey cement-block building, flared in magnificent colours and shimmering holy light. The building was flooded with goodness and laughter and a deep sense of heaven.

This is what it is meant to look like.

This is the beauty of the Bride.

In spite of all my planning and detailed notes, God chose to come and sit with His people and whisper to them about the wideness and glory and life of the Bride.  In all our brokenness, beauty thrived.

And so despite feeling sick and tired, I am content. The beauty of the Bride is wide reaching. It is wild and peace giving, beyond measure and holy. It requires me to show up. It requires our church to show up and choose vulnerability and forgiveness.

Yesterday, beauty and life and the church and goodness danced together. I am so grateful I was there to see it.


(Thanks for following along on this 31 Day challenge. Check out the previous posts here)



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