Day 31/8 – I will sit a little longer

31 days

I have few words today.
I am tired.
3 kids, friends struggling with sickness and grief, the loss of my favorite shoe, and my need for perfection have undone me a little.
But even still, I know the grace of God is perched next to me, ever-present.
I am becoming more and more convinced that I am asking the wrong question.
And I am stunned by the grace of a God that would overwhelm us with opportunities to see him at every corner turned.
A God who revels in the details and rides in on the gentlest breeze.
And so I will sit here a little longer.

4 thoughts on “Day 31/8 – I will sit a little longer

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  2. I’m interested in your line “I’m convinced I’m asking the wrong question”. For me it was I’m convinced this isn’t the full answer…
    Keep up the the month of writing. Beauty is one of my favourite topics.

  3. Scott you have no idea how good your words for my soul today.
    I think I am discovering that beauty is always wed to something, you just have to work out what that is. Whether it’s truth or superficiality or goodness or peace or lies or joy. I’m wondering if beauty is ever free of a partner of some description…
    I’m not surprised that beauty is one of your favorite topics and I love knowing that you are reading along.

    • Yes there needs to be somthing linking beauty. The tag on my blog is looking for signs of redemption and beauty in the here and now. I supose inspired by philipians 4:8. So yes I some I have a special interest in beauty that has come out of the fire and been redemed. I see God in this more than anything else in he world.

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