Day 31/5 – Simple Beauty

31 days

Feeling a little overwhelmed by this whole ‘what is beauty wedded to?’ thing today. The more I read and the more  research I do (because as much as I try, I can’t get away from the reality that I am more academic/nerdy than I am not),  the more I find that it is a mind field of philosophical and theological theories.  I didn’t really sign up for that. I wanted it to be simpler.

However, this is where I find myself today.

And then my littlest, my sweet baby who is not a baby any more, just wandered in and said, ‘I need a cuddle’. She climbed up into my lap, smooshed her cheek in to the hollow of my neck and wrapped her arms around me.

This, my friends. Just this.  This moment, this girl, this sigh of recognition. Outside of definition and theories, swimming in grace, untainted.


One thought on “Day 31/5 – Simple Beauty

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