31 Days of Wedded Beauty – Day 2- Beauty is…

31 days

I like a good dictionary definition (do I ever!), but somehow that seemed to defeat the purpose of this moment. I am not attempting to give an inclusive or definitive definition of beauty, I am attempting to unearth what sparks a sense of beauty and delight in me.


Beauty lightens the heart.  It scares away the shadowy night and breathes life into the new day. It is the pink of dusk and the indigo of night.

It is the awkward tumbling together of new love.

Its breath flits across the skyline, tumbling clouds together.

It is her cheek, squished against mine.

It is gracious words, tempting you to believe in a bigger life.

It is the vastness of the sky, full of clouds and unseen life.

It is where my weakness is met by the grace of dear friends.

It is the ‘I’m sorry’ of a disappointment realised.

It is tiny shards of glitter thrown into the sky that glint in the sun as they fall to the ground.

It is pale green and the smell of ground coffee.

It is cloudy days.

It is Mary Oliver’s words.

It is dinner with my big brother and little sister.

It is learning what it means to be an Aunty.

It is the ancient sea chasing itself up the sand.

It is the despair of VanGogh scratched across a canvas.

It is the scattered stars and the hazy moon.

It is warmth of the sun on my upturned face.

It is knowing the mercy of a gentle God.

It is His truth burning the weeds to the ground.

It is holding my beloved’s hand.

It is seeing unwavering courage rise up.

It is uncontrollable laughter.

It is simple. And it is gentle.

And it can be terrifying in its starkness and its capacity to bring me to my knees.

It is found in hidden corners and in my lounge room and in martinis with friends.

It is knowing the when sin and mercy collide, fear will dissolve and I will be reborn. Daily. Every morning.



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