Here amongst the words


I no longer feel the need to crowd conversations with noise and unnecessary words. I am quieter than I was a few years ago. I have learnt that words are more than the sum of their parts. They are layered with meaning. Personal histories ride on their telling, they are infused with tone and seeped in buried significance.

But not for One. The creator of words uses them with a skill and grace that leaves me breathless. His words are a terrifying knife that slices through all pretence (mine) and they are the easing in of a new day.


There is no exaggeration in His words. When He speaks forgiveness over me. There is forgiveness. When He says I am holy and blameless. Then it is so.


I need a return to the simple, uncomplicated words of truth. The cornerstone words.

Oh the internet! The internet tells me that I need to engage in arguments over complementarianism and same sex marriages.  That I should write open letters to John Piper and Mark Driscoll. But that is for a different person. I want to write open letters to those who have forgotten the simple things. I want tired hearts to know that there is love and grace abounding and overflowing. That God’s words are a safe place to run to and find a home in.

God’s words breathe life where there is death and peace where there is confusion.  The God I know is generous and kind, and so He is with words. There is an entire book of them to delight and tempt us. And there is the gentle breeze of His Spirit speaking words of truth and grace into our ever in-need hearts.

Here amongst these simple words is where my deep sigh is.  This is where I stop and dwell. I need to spend more time with these simple luminous words…holy, forgiven, loved, His.


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