To write is to remember


To create is to remember. It is to reach down into our souls and bring forth something from the depths of who we are and what we are. It is to remember why we were created and who created us. It is to remember the truth of life and love. It is to remember that life is full of shadows and light. It is to remember the story of who we are.

Words on a page, scribbled in haste, between laundry and school runs, embody a grace and honesty that is only found in the process of putting pen to paper. Those hurried words are the truest form of my flooded heart and ceaseless thoughts.

I think of my favourite writers. Of Mary Oliver, Thomas Merton and CS Lewis. I envy their sharpness and their ability to pour words out from the depths of themselves and mould them into true and raw reflections of their heart.

We are only fully human and fully alive when we find that ‘thing’ that draws out our creativity and our heart. That ‘thing’ that allows us to fully express who are and what we are. My ‘thing’ is words.

And what grace that we have a God that celebrates beauty in all its forms and whispers to us of colour and new life and new ways.

To create is to remember. To remember who we are and our stories. To create is to write a new story, the next story, of who we were created to be.

Writing the next story is grace itself. It is enough in itself.

And so that is the great challenge. To keep writing my story, to keep putting words on paper, hurried and unseen, messy and misspelt. But my words and my story.


Tell me what your ‘thing’ is’?





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