My ‘one word 365’ for 2013 was/is ‘reclaim’. I had a neat little list written out of what that might look like. A list with a tick the box option running down the side.

I couldn’t have predicted how this pursuit of ‘reclaiming’ would have manifested itself (well actually, I thought I could predict it, hence the list and tick boxes).

But it would seem that there was always another agenda, a grace filled, bursting with colour agenda that God had always planned for.

For a long time much of my heart has been so wrapped up in what is expected of me that my voice has sounded been dull and tainted. ‘Reclaiming’ has become as much about throwing off expectations as it has been about chasing down hidden dreams and longed for hopes.  It has been about seeing clearly, speaking louder and being brave and kind.

And in the midst of all that I have been learning that the grace of God is luminous and pervasive. There is a depth and clarity to the grace that God pours out that not only covers all disappointment, it lights up a room and pushes itself in to the dark corners. It creates a shimmer of glittering light and life over all that it touches.

Yep, ‘reclaiming’, so far, has been a journey of lost and found.


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