Isla and I went for a walk this morning. It was bitingly cold but the wind was still. I walked and prayed for grace and peace.  For kindness overflowing, all consuming.  For the grace to believe in the simple things, the seen things, and to not search the shadows for the hidden.

Kindness is obvious. It finds its way to us on the words of friends and the activity of humble hands. We recognise kindness for the way it makes us feel and the way it quietens our doubts. It sings its sweet song over us and through us, changing our hearts and our minds.

The greatest kindness I have known has been loud declaration of worth that has marked my life. Kindness has come in the form of Truth.

Kindness calls us to happy dances, silly songs and holding hands.

And so I will continue to pray for the gift of kindness. I pray that I would be kind. I pray that my first response would be kindness and that kindness would overrule cynicism and fear. But mostly, I will pray that kindness would taint my words and my actions, singing its sweet song over all those I encounter.


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