In the never-ending attempt to be clever and witty and relevant (God forbid), I think I have lost some of the life giving grace that writing generously offers me.

And today that is what I need.

I need the life giving, soul lifting, breathe of words. I need time to sit and let the words tumble out. And in the pouring forth will come the sorting and the clarity. And, hopefully, rest.

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a friend about coincidences and ‘the favour of the universe’.  I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in orchestrated moments and a greater plan being worked.  A plan that is beyond my understanding.

This grand idea of mine has been tested.

I know that it will take more than a blog post or words to make sense of the valleys of life.

But, for now, words will have to do.

I will strive for clarity and I will commit to wading through the waves of emotions and words that are tumbling around me.  I will rest here amongst these words.


And I will take these simple words and offer them to the Great Author, hoping that they will be enough.


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