Rethinking God

I seem to be in a continuous state of ‘rethinking God’ (to borrow a NT Wright term). It can be tiring.

More tiring than restorative.

Once again I find myself putting my hand into Paul’s calloused hand and asking him to lead me and teach me. And he does. Within the fog of doubts and hazy questions, there comes moments of luminous truth.

I am learning that rethinking God cannot be a solution to a problem. It has to be an unceasing working out of what it means to be human in light of the cross and in the presence of the One True God.

Paul’s passion that Christ’s followers lived within a counter imperial theology is timeless – he was talking to the Colossians and he whispers to us. His words drip with encouragement and fervent hope that we would choose the risen Christ over the empire.

Paul whispers in my ear truths to firm my feet and steady my wavering mind. He quietens the voice of the empire and adjusts my graceless hesitations.

The royal presence of Jesus weaves its way in and through Paul’s words to us. To me.  It is more glorious, more gracious, more powerful, sweeter and kinder than any other presence, royal, empirical or otherwise, that demands my attention. The great paradox of Paul is that his high and glorious theology is meant for me.

For now.

For you.

For us.


This is part of the Reading In Transit Book Club‘s discussion on ‘Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire’, by Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat. Being hosted this month by Caris Adel. In the midst of a crazy month, this has been good for my soul. Woot woot!


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