Introvert’s Inc.


Today, I am intensely aware of how deep my introverted nature runs. How demanding it is.  How it impacts my family and friends.

Today, I am painfully aware of how ungracious I become when I am tired and in need of time to myself.

Today I am acutely aware that I am married to an extravert, mother to two extraverts and one introvert.


I am grateful that I know when I have reached my limit. I have learnt to stop.  I have learnt that I will not tolerate extended time surrounded by noise and people.  I am at my best when I have had time to think, write, reflect, drink coffee and watch well written TV series’ on repeat! I have learnt to embrace this part of myself. To celebrate it, to not deny it or try to change it.

I am at my best when those around me know this about me. I can relax into these friendships without fear of assumption or expectation.  They are safe havens, solid ground, and secret gardens.

I have learnt, being an introvert is not a weakness.  It is strength in silence and reflection. It is life packaged quietly and beautifully.  It is words and actions, deeply felt, sincerely offered, quietly hoped for.  It is the sweetness of dear friends who love all, despite all. It is knowing that I can be who I am without apology or justification.

It is life in all its shadows and light.

And I am grateful: for safe havens, solid ground and secret gardens.


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