finding your voice


The other day after I was feeling overwhelmed by ‘this whole writing thing‘ I realised that at the core of this issue were these questions:

Does the world need my voice?

Does the world need another blog?

Do we really need to have another ‘wanna be writer’?

Does anyone really need or want to read my words?

And here’s the thing – the answer might be no to the last 3, and that’s fine. But, does the world need my voice?

Yes it does.

In whatever small way it comes out, everyone’s voice and story is important.  I need to write my words and my stories, my way, in my voice.  And what ever form your voice takes, the world needs your voice too.

Whether you paint, draw, sing, write, knit, dance or garden, your voice is necessary and valuable.

And so the only responsible thing to do is to work towards discovering what ‘my voice’ sounds like.  Stripping back the layers of expectations, mimicry, and fear and listening to the words that are chasing each other to get on the page.


Jeff Goins has a great list of tips for wherever you are on the writing journey. There is lots of practical advice and encouragement to be found here.

Goins has a 10 steps to finding your voice‘ exercise that I am going to attempt, some of which I might share here (Q4. Jot down at least five books, articles, or blogs you like to read. Spend some time examining them. How are they alike? How are they different? What about how they’re written intrigues you?), some of which I probably won’t (Q1. Describe yourself in three adjectives.)!!



4 thoughts on “finding your voice

  1. I think every writer has to consider these questions at some point. Glad you decided to keep at it. Just remember why you really writer.

    And thanks for the links at the bottom; they look super useful!

    • It is good to think about these things as you go, isn’t it? And yep – Jeff Goins is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by!

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