this whole writing thing…

In an attempt to glean wisdom and inspiration from those who have ‘gone before’, I think I may have done myself a disservice. I thought that if I spent some time researching a few ‘successful’ bloggers and writers I would feel energised and encouraged.


Feeling overwhelmed and slightly terrified.

There are SO many good writers and bloggers out there.

So, so many.

None of which would want to discourage a newbie. In fact, many of the blogs I’ve been reading lately offer great information and practical advice about writing and blogging, particularly if you are a new kid on the block.

But goodness…can I really do this?

Brene Brown would be happy (joyful? grateful? Still getting my head around her definitions). Admitting to wanting to be writer is the epitome of vulnerability for me. It is not easy to tell the world (aka. the 6 people who read this blog) that you want to be a writer and:

  • Not know if you have the skill to do so
  • Not believe you have skill to do so (whether you do or not)
  • Not know if anyone thinks you can actually write
  • Believe that you are meant to write


I have, for a long time, wanted to use words like my husband uses a spoke wrench (that’d be some bike tool thingy) – skilfully, aptly, easily and daily.


So I am going to take a little moment to feel overwhelmed, then I will make a cup of tea, pick up my notebook and my copy of ‘Bird by bird’ by Anne Lamott (the quintessential guide on ‘how to write’) and choose to listen to that tiny voice saying, ‘do it’.

I will read more, write more, make more time, dwell in more words and more silence, and I will keep reading generous writers (like Jeff Goins, Amanda Williams and Annie Downs), gathering wisdom and strength as I do.




6 thoughts on “this whole writing thing…

  1. “But goodness…can I really do this?”


    Go for it. I find you wrote a lot of similar things in my own journey. I’ve only just realized I want to be a writer but have my doubts and fear and haven’t even told my family yet. Scary but I want to do it.

    Do what you love and give it everything.

      • And the really good thing is I didn’t say that to be kind but because I absolutely believe it- you can do anything you want and put your mind to and I’m with you all the way- fellow writer.
        Thank-you for stopping by.

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