I haven’t been to church on Good Friday for the the last 10 years. Not by choice, but because family tradition necessitates otherwise.

Each year our Easter weekend consists of travel, extended family, Easter egg hunts on a massive scale and the lovely busy-ness that comes from being surrounded by nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters.

This year was marked by chats late into the night with sisters, hands and hearts open, swapping stories of parenting moments you wish you could take back.

Sneaking away with AJ for coffee and holding hands.

Watching ‘Gavin and Stacey’ and laughing and crying all over again.

Celebrating the impending arrival of a new niece or nephew (my money’s on nephew!).

And it was stealing a moment on Sunday morning to stop and say thank you to the One who makes all this joy and beauty possible.  Life – my life- is possible, in all its luminous light and all its graceless shadows, because of Easter Sunday.  And I am grateful.


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