no alternative

I stumbled over this verse this morning, and I am left gasping for breath and on my knees.

‘The thinking of principled people makes for justice; the plots of degenerates corrupt’.

Proverbs 12: 5 (The Message)

When I decided that ‘reclaim’ was my word for 2013, I believed that God ‘reclaiming justice’ was a part of that journey. I wasn’t sure what that meant, and it’s still a little hazy now. But I do think that it has to do with rescuing my interpretation of ‘justice’ from the mire of jargon and the layers of guilt it is buried under.

I also believe that it is a terrifying roar from heaven.

How I have ignored the simple request to ‘love them’. How I have defended my indifference.

I have hidden behind my books and study; I have lost myself in words and inaction.

‘The THINKING of principled people makes for justice’… Perhaps, just perhaps, all these words and books and thinking can be a stepping stone?

Perhaps this is part of the plan?



Gods kingdom come, His will be done…if I pray this, if I believe this, I cannot abide injustice.

God is not going to offer me an alternative.


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