Reading In Transit Book Club

I have become quite the fan of Kelley Nikondeha. Not only is she a voice for justice and equality, she gets her hands dirty ‘doing’ justice and fighting for equality. And more than ‘doing’, Kelley is able to back it up with a solid, gracious, well thought out, sound, theological understanding.  Part of starting this blogging journey (again) is that I have been so encouraged and impressed by the good theological work I have seen being worked out through blogs.  Kelley is one of these bloggers.

I have shied away from theological books and discussion in the last few years. Certainly any public discussion. I know that at times my silence has been motivated by fatigue, fear, ignorance and wariness. This silence and hesitation has stunted my understanding of God, community, grace and myself.

I am being tempted to wade back in. Tempted by these great writers, writing out their faith and lives, encouraging discussion, disagreement and grace.

So I thought this might be a good way to begin – Kelley Nikondeha has put together a book club based on her 2013 reading list. And what a reading list it is! I am going to jump in for April with The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann and see how I go. Just reading great, chunky, solid theology will be good. Link in, jump in, read along – it will be fun!



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