Why blog?

I have tried this blogging thing before.  It eventually became the least important thing on my list of things to do.  Then, writing was not a priority and I shied away from anything controversial, delicate or revealing. I certainly did not want to discuss faith or Jesus. Not that I am particularly controversial, in fact my theological bent is fairly typical and ‘evangelical’.  Yes, on some issues I sway towards the liberal (eek!) and others, towards the ‘Bible says’, super conservative. But don’t we all?

Years of theological study (and I do mean years – I’m happy to show you the bill) have left me with more questions than answers and a desire for simplicity and beauty in the everyday.  I don’t have time for the complicated any more. There are dishes to be done and washing to be folded. I need to find God in those places, not [just] in the pile of theological books on my shelf.

I have found courage to begin this blogging journey from the voices of Sarah Bessey (honestly – that woman!) and Rachel Held Evans (one of the best bloggers in town – I promise you). They both regularly astound me with truth and vulnerability. And they can write – oh can they write.

And here is the other reason to blog. The super-duper, let’s lay on the line, it’s now or never reason: I want to write.

I want to write.

But what is the point of hours spent at my computer just to lob another idea or poem or question into a folder that only I will ever see? I want to write. I want to inspire discussion and ideas and I want to not be afraid to do it. I want to write words that sparkle with truth. I want to write words that are wrapped in holiness and glimmering light and are like dipping in the curative waters of Vichy.

I don’t imagine I will be prolific, but hopefully I will be thoughtful and honest.

Now I need to go have a little lie down. So much honesty has left me a little breathless.


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